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A More Personal Note

My Life is a Movie.


My life should be a movie, because really, sometimes I have a hard time believing it’s not a well-timed, perfectly constructed Romantic Dramedy. Opening scene: Las Vegas, Nevada where 6 lb 4 oz Mia is born. Fade out to Mia’s mom packing for California shortly thereafter, realizing Las Vegas is not the ideal place to Read More

Letting Go of Possessions


I have found that there are few things in life that can have a very profound affect on one’s life and values. For me, one of those things happens to have been a house fire in which everything my family owned was destroyed. It’s been 3 years since I learned some very valuable lessons about Read More

Moving Back To Los Angeles


The signs were all there…literally. At 1:45 I headed out to meet a friend at the beach “See you in ten, then” I said. Little did I know the road ahead was full of road blocks- both metaphorically and literally. Calabasas has me trapped. ¬†As I drove through Malibu Creek State Park, where the 40 Read More

My Trip to Baja California


We made our way back to visit Cuco and Pilar at Rancho Pilar where we witnessed a lot of growth in the area. A family of Canadians has begun constructing a huge house at the top of the hill overlooking the beach where Wil and I camp. It’s sad to see the land develop, it was kind of nice having a remote camping spot with friendly neighbors. Wil took some great photos while we were in Mexico, I’m hoping he’ll post the headshot of Pilar.

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