A Bicoastal Lifestyle


After a long walk on along Zuma Beach this afternoon with Lindsey and Sarah I decided that the topic requested by a former classmate in New York would be a perfect one for today.

A few days ago Anthony P. wrote in:


It’s the first time I’ve checked out your website. You’ve penned some great articles. If I could recommend a topic: Can you speak about the lifestyle in Malibu as compared to NY when you were over here? Perhaps the entertainers you see? Maybe talk to a celebrity on the street? I can already feel your eyes rolling, because you see them everyday. Still, for an easterner, it would be interesting. Let me know if you at all decide to pursue this.


It’s been a couple years since my Bicoastal lifestyle so I wracked my brain for all the things I loved and despised about having a home base on either side of the continent.

Courtesy of McGlinch

There are a few things that differ dramatically depending on the coast.  The People, The Pace and The Culture.

New York and Los Angeles (especially Malibu) have obvious differences in pace.  Malibu, a city of the laidback and over-priveleged, promotes an entirely different (neither better nor worse) vibe than say… New York City.  New York’s  fast-paced, cemented city promotes a hustle and bustle you’d have to search high and low to find anything comparable in Los Angeles.

I don’t have to make you aware of one of the most major differences between the Northeastern and Southwestern regions of our country and for me this was the biggest issue. The weather.  Aside from this years particularly rainy season (see Our Rainy Season post) you can’t beat the Los Angeles climate. It’s almost always a beach day, bikers speed down Pacific Coast Highway and lonely wives chit-chat in every corner Starbucks.

Contrary to Anthony’s belief I don’t see celebs on a daily basis (unless you count Angelyne, eek!).


But with great weather and constant sunshine, pop icons are definitely more noticeable that the bundled celebs you frequently miss when walking down 5th Ave.

On occasion you’ll see Pam Anderson and her golden retriever running the hills of Pepperdine University. She’s been a fan of the baseball team for quite a few years. Pam Anderson at Pepperdine

The team has, on more than one occasion, been invited to events at her Malibu home.

And more often than not, you’ll see masses of Paprazi surrounding Malibu’s Nobu or Taverna Tony’s.

Britney's car bombarded by Paparazi

Overall, there are a couple things I miss about the East Coast.  The pizza, the culture and the ease of access to a multitude of states in a matter of hours.

There’s something about the city, a true melting pot of cultures.  One minute you’re in Little Italy, one train and you’re in Greenwich.

The flying back and forth, sleeping with your head on the seat-back tray while your legs go numb and getting in late on Sunday night before a hectic Monday get old very fast. Not to mention it’s a pretty pricey lifestyle.

Great to visit, not a place I’d set up fort for too long.

Have you relocated from one coast to the other? Lived on both coasts for work or school? Feel free to share your comments here! I’d love to hear about your experiences.