My Trip to Baja California


Well, I’m back from Mexico and what a trip it was. It’d had been a while since I’d traveled….Belize was the last big trip I think. Granted I’d done trips here and there to the firetower, San Diego and Vegas.

Mexico was a blast, it was time for a bit of relaxation and adventure.  I spent a night camping on the beach, a few in a rooftop Palapa and numerous days off-roading through endless cacti infested deserts.

On the Pacific side of the continent’s Southernmost point we spotted Leaping Manta Ray.  These Manta Ray are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. They leap out of the water and slap back down

I also made my way back to visit Cuco y Pilar’s at Rancho Pilar where I witnessed a lot of growth in the area.  A family of Canadians has begun constructing a huge house at the top of the hill overlooking the beach where I camp.  It’s sad to see the land develop, it was kind of nice having a remote camping spot with friendly neighbors.

baja caves

On our way up the Eastern Coast of Baja California Sur, I stopped to explore a huge cave we saw at the bottom of a dry river bed. Filled with cows and lined with cacti, the cave was an amazing sight.

The New Year has begun and I feel refreshed.

Happy New Year.