Basic Tips For New Bloggers


Blogging. “Anyone can do it,” sure, but it takes time, dedication and consistency to become a truly great blogger. One that people come back to – one that people connect with and one basic tips for bloggerswho conveys their passion to their readers.

Occasionally, it’s about search engine optimization as well.  Much of your blog success comes from making sure you’re seen on the web where you should be. The following are several basic tips for new bloggers. They’re about productivity, SEO best practices, common-sense tips we often forget about.

Find a muse. Due your research and find someone related to your topic, read their story, their blog posts, study their products (whether it be DIY, painting, home decor, mommy-ing, you name it).

You can never have too many drafts. Writer’s block claims the productivity of far too many writers each year. So, if you get an idea, start a quick draft and come back to it when you’re not already working on a blog post. Starting a post and finishing it in the same sitting isn’t always best practice, allowing posts to sit also allows the content to marinade in your thoughts before you publish it.

Clear off your desk. Whether you’d like to think it or not, having a tidy workspace is like having a clear mind. Only then can you formulate ideas and thoughts.

Notepad. Notedpad. Notepad. By your bed, in your laptop bag, an app on your phone, your tablet, anywhere. You have to be ready for inspiration to hit you -when you least expect it. Because it will.  I like to use an app called Evernote – It syncs online with my computer and my phone – but I always fall back on my trusty pen and paper when I get an idea. There’s something motivating about jotting down your current thoughts and a few lines of abstract thoughts.

basic tips for new bloggers

SEO. Search Engine Optimization. Don’t get overwhelmed. SEO basics are to make sure that the title of your blog match the words in your content. So, if your title is “Basic Tips forNew Bloggers,” you might want to mention that same phrase a few times. See what I did there? 😉

Have someone eyeball your work. There’s nothing worse than delving into someone’s latest blog post only to find spelling errors and misplaced punctuation. It takes from the reader’s experience and disrupts the flow. That said, when I migrated from my templated WordPress theme to my current, custom-designed theme, much of the text was warped. I had to go through each post and correct the apostrophes.

Set a routine schedule. Consistency is key! We all fall victim to forgetting our blogs when life gets busy, but keeping a regular schedule is ideal. I try to jot down ideas once a week and write once a week (while maintaining my clients’ Social Media Marketing) so I still feel like I’m managing my own as well. If you’re feeling ambitious, set 2 or 3 days a week to research and write. The moment you lose motivation on a post – save the draft and move on. You can always come back!

Starting a new blog can be… intimidating to say the least. Hope these few basic tips for new bloggers has helped give you some guidance. And feel free to leave a comment or tweet me if you have any questions!