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Tips for first-time campers

Essentials for Your First Glamping Trip


So you’ve never been camping before. That’s alright, no one’s judging. But Summer is coming (YESSSSS) and maybe you’ve been feeling a bit cooped up (between NorEasters and the Pineapple Express, that’s understandable), or maybe you just want to get out of your comfort zone. Either way, getting out for a night of camping under Read More

Power Outage


Woke up this morning to the near-frozen vinyl floors beneath my feet and the crisp air hitting my body like a wall of great force. I quickly jumped back under the covers, wondering why the hell it was so cold. The joys of RV-ing have truly commenced. Apparently, at some point last night the auxiliary Read More

RV-ing The Trabuco Canyon


The relentless traffic only further encouraged my anticipation. After heading south on the 405 to the 133 to the 241 and then through the narrow Trabuco Canyon, we found the perfect spot for the RV. The O’Neill Regional Park in the Santa Margarita Mountains boasted huge oak trees and grasslands that span more than 3,000 acres. Our camp spot Read More

Destination Unknown


For all of you following my twitter updates as of late, you are probably well-aware that I’m on another one of my adventures. This time, the road trip is a bit different. With only a general direction (East) and a final destination in mind (Tucson and Patagonia), I have been letting the people I meet Read More

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