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My Trip to Baja California


We made our way back to visit Cuco and Pilar at Rancho Pilar where we witnessed a lot of growth in the area. A family of Canadians has begun constructing a huge house at the top of the hill overlooking the beach where Wil and I camp. It’s sad to see the land develop, it was kind of nice having a remote camping spot with friendly neighbors. Wil took some great photos while we were in Mexico, I’m hoping he’ll post the headshot of Pilar.

Burma, a Desperate Situation.


I don’t watch T.V, so hearing about disasters usually catches me off guard. I recently learned that on May 2nd a category 4 cyclone hit Burma and killed more than I could have imagined. Thousands. It seems like just yesterday I was walking down the streets of Rangoon watching the locals squat in front of Read More

Back in America…


I came back from a Semester At Sea, travelling the world for 103 days in 12 countries and coming back to America was in no way anything like I expected.  I came back with new eyes, a new perspective and appreciation for cultures and humanity in general.  I found myself so confused by the arrogance Read More

Namaste From India


Port #6. Chennai, India. I am sitting here at the Varanasi with a red clay dot (Tula) on my forehead and I honestly don’t know where to begin. India is not what I expected. I arrived in Chennai and it gave me a horrible impression of what I was going to be experiencing for the Read More

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