Creating a Great Social Post


Creating a great post for your social accounts is more than just coming up with a one-liner and hitting “tweet” or “post.” Creating a great social post is all about crafting a mini-article you think will intrigued your audience and, more importantly, that will bring value to your audience. With that said, I’ve put together a step-by-step for creating a great social post.

Research: Get ideas from the web that relate to your brand/topic of choice.  Create your own caption using keywords that are relevant to you/your brand and find or create a strong image/graphic to go with your post.  Try to create content that is unique to your page, and work on developing a voice that can remain consistent among your Page’s posts.

Emailing: Some of us manage pages for other people/companies/brands, etc. This means we’re often emailing posts or uploading posts to an Editorial Calendar for approval by the client.  Sometimes posts are fine as is, and you get quick approval from the client, other times, you go back and forth talking about images or giving feedback on verbiage. If you’re posting for yourself though, this step isn’t necessary. Unless, of course, talking to yourself is part of your “process.” I don’t judge. 😉

Graphics: Spend some time finding an image (or several if you’re doing a photogrid or side-by-side graphic) and then I import it into Photoshop or Keynote (which is quick and easy for adding borders or text) in order to put the images together into a graphic. Screenshot that baby and you’re done with this step. If you’re pulling an image from the web, make sure you have the rights to use it. Otherwise, use an image you own or invest in quality stock images. Graphics are important for the post, so make sure it’s intriguing, high quality, and fits your caption. Be flexible and tailor your caption to fit the image, it’ll make a big difference in the reception of your post.

Posting: Format the post specifically for each platform. For Facebook, your posts can be slightly longer and be sure that if you’re @tagging pages or people, you’re facebook_twitter_logo_combo1tagging the proper pages, with the highest number of followers, and that are Verified, if applicable.

Then, replicate the same process on Twitter for the same post.  Most of the time, you’ll have to reformat the post for Twitter as you’re only given 140 characters. This means you’ll create an entirely new post, or make it into 2 or even 3 shorter posts. When you have a strong image, make sure  to leave enough characters (23 character per photo) for an image to be uploaded into your post.

Proof read: Before publishing your artfully crafted post, give it a once-over. There’s nothing worse than publishing a typo-d post and having to repost it. Or worse, leaving it up for the world to see.

Hit post! After posting, give yourself a moment to make sure the post is Live and looks good.
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