Facebook Updates Status and Comment Tags


Hey everyone! This week, Facebook enabled status tags in a way that is quicker and easier (and definitely more aesthetically pleasing) to use. Tagging friends in a Facebook statusfacebook F has evolved ever so slightly so as to cater to the needs of its users.

These updates allow you to:

  • mention another user in your status update by simply typing their first name- no longer needing to begin with “@”
  • mention another user by first name rather than whole name by typing their first name, selecting the friend from the list and hitting the backspace
  • direct a comment/response directly to another user within a comment thread

Previously, when tagging friends in a Facebook status, users had to precede the name with “@” in order to signify they wanted to tag someone and you could not use the tagging feature within a comment thread. You would often find that users were directing comments to others in a thread by typing “@friend’s name”. Surely, Facebook became aware of the desire to direct comments to certain individuals and incorporated the feature site-wide.

Here are some examples of how status tagging can be used:

tagging friends in a facebook status




See how only the person’s first name is used?

tagging in a facebook status




A friend commented on my status, so I tagged her in my response. She’ll receive a notification that I’ve responded to her. Very cool feature!


Issues (to be updated as found):

I, personally, have been having issues when updating on my profile page rather than the homepage/ newsfeed page. It still requires me to use “@friend’s name” in order to tag.

Have you used this feature? Are you liking its functionality so far? If you’ve ¬†found any other issues with these new features, please share so I can include them in this post!