The Case of the Disappearing Google Docs Templates!


Ah yes, the “infallible” Google rears its ugly head at us once more. First it was the Youtube/Google merge that caused Login problems for many, then it was the GMail hack that left users with exposed logins,and now, many a business running their email through Google Apps, and using the oh-so-convenient Google Docs web application product are crawling around their template galleries on their hands and knees, desperately.

Let’s take a look. Within 7 minutes of my posting on the Google Forum, 13 replies were received by just-as-frantic Google Docs users.

Google Docs Template Missing

So here we are, day 2, while the masses gather on the forum, constantly refreshing their Google Templates Gallery page.

Our system admin called Google (but mostly just their Colbie Caillat inspired Hold music), and ran through our error messages and if we could replicate the issue. All they could tell us what that it was a known issue and that they had opened a ticket regarding the issue.

I want to know who accidently kicked their feet up on their desk and pressed the “Delete All Known Templates Forever” button, and if they’ve been fired yet.

Ok, maybe I’m being a little harsh, but if Google can reactivate an email address that was deleted 3 days ago (even though it warns that deleting an email address can NOT be undone), why can they not just reinstate deleted templates?

This time, it’s not User Error. user error