Horse Back Riding The Morongo Valley


I’m a little bitter. Why you ask? Well, for nearly 3 years I’ve been telling myself…”Next weekend, I’m going to go horseback riding” and this weekend I finally did. Except…my horse was half-assed. Yes, that’s right people, I got stuck with a courtesy of

Mules, if you haven’t seen one in person before- which I clearly had not- are the same size as a horse but have oversized ears and slumpy heads. Not so much the regal animal that the horse is. Bred from a male donkey and a female horse, Mules are thicker in stature, yet toned more like a horse. Easily confused by the untrained eye.

An equestrian I am not, but I really like riding horses. Did I mention that mules ride nothing like horses. Yes, they gallup, trot and neigh, but their actions happen at about a third of the speed.

Anyways, all in all the 4-hour “adventure ride” turned out well. We scaled the sides of valley ravines, crossed creeks of tumbling rocks and even side-swiped a cactus or two. Quite the adventure.