Launching Products On Social – 2021 Edition


It seems like everywhere we look a new product or company is launching. You’ve got to get to market ASAP, and in doing so, might overlook some of the most important steps to a successful launch.

Take a look at some easy steps for ensuring you create a thorough launch plan:

1. Ask yourself some exploratory questions. What’s the story here? How can I communicate the benefits of my products as a solution for the customers’ needs? What’s unique about my product? Devise a communication plan for each step in the launch process.

2. Do you truly understand the needs for the product? Get to know the different need states. Speak to some of your target market and understand where the pain points are. Listen, and build your communication strategy not from what you want to TELL the customer, but what the customer needs to hear in order to convert.

2. Prime the pump on your owned social channels – talk about the needs your upcoming product fulfills. Find ways to reach new audiences with this content/messaging.

Tease the product so as to build excitement for your launch.

3. Content, content, content. Part of drawing in relevant customers is creating value that brings them to your brand, and providing value thereafter to keep them engaged. Establish the brand as thought leader in the space and when it comes time to launch, have very clear communication about the benefits of purchasing your product. 3

4. Partner with content creators of all types. Not just influencers who have large followings, but strategically chosen individuals who can speak passionately about your product. Here are examples of the types of influencers to consider: experts, lifestyle/everyday types, a fun and upbeat influencer, and those specifically known in your product’s niche.

5. Reinforce the benefits and feeling your customer will experience when purchasing your product. Focus on the FEELING they’ll get. More energy? Better Sleep? More systematic organization at home/work? Quality fabric you can feel?

Focusing on the feeling one will experience will connect on a deeper level, and invoking more senses than just being told the benefits/solutions a product offers.

6. This goes without saying, but use even the smallest, newest Social Media account to support the launch. See above for the myriad of ways you can activate on Social Media.

Think about which of the many platforms fits your product best. Where is your target market most active? A quick google search will direct you to the right platform. (Ex: google “Demographics of social media platforms”)

7. It’s Pay-to-play nowadays. That means you have to invest dollars behind your content in order to be seen on Social. For example, boosting posts and stories on Facebook or Instagram to relevant users with affinities matching your target demographic as a tactic for both growing your follower base as well as gaining some brand awareness.

8. Set yourself apart – but don’t try too hard. It’s ok if your product/service is already offered by 10, 20, 30, or 100 different vendors/brands. If you set yourself apart, you’ll draw in the customers with whom your brand messaging resonates. Don’t try so hard to be unique that the customer loses sight of who you are and what you offer, stay focused in your content and brand voice, but define what your unique value is and lean into that.

Ok, so there are 8 of my favorite tips for launching a product/brand online -specifically on Social – but within those 8, there are many tactics that you can employ. Those take time both to establish, execute – test & learn, and optimize based on how they’re working for you and your goals.

If you’re looking for someone to help guide you through the process, or manage the execution, let’s set up some time to chat! Click through to the contact page to send me an email about a discovery call.