Moving Back To Los Angeles


The signs were all there…literally.

At 1:45 I headed out to meet a friend at the beach “See you in ten, then” I said. Little did I know the road ahead was full of road blocks- both metaphorically and literally. Calabasas has me trapped.  As I drove through Malibu Creek State Park, where the 40 minute detour left me, I thought to myself-

Why? Why am I living in a place that has very little to offer me, even less to motivate me and far less to entertain me?  The ever-so-present detour signs were the signs I needed to confirm my decision. The road I travel on a daily basis, reminding me of those deep within the countryside of the mid-west, now had signs telling me I needed to change it up a bit. Ok…so maybe I’m working the metaphor a little, but hey- it works!

I’d been thinking of moving back to LA for a while but had debated becoming one of the innumerable commuters.  Was it worth the 40 minute drive from home to school in order to be in  a more pleasant living situation? I don’t know why I even question it.

So, that’s it. My lease will be up in a few months and I’m headed back to the Westside!