My Polaroid iPhone App- ShakeIt Photo


Since switching over to AT&T for the iPhone, my life has been revolutionized in many ways. Firstly, I have been experimenting with all sorts of applications for the iPhone for to-do lists, games and photography.

I’ve downloaded everything from Lemonade Stand (practicing my business-running skills) to iFart (yes, I’m a child at heart). One app that I’ve really enjoyed having is ShakeIt Photo.

ShakeIt Photo iPhone app is a unique and fun app that allows you to take photos that look JUST like old school Polaroid film. The photos look like a polaroid and you even shake the phone to speed up the developing speed- just like you would an polaroid photo you’re too impatient to wait for.

Here are some photos I took the first day I got the ShakeIt Application.

Pasta-roidShoesroidSittin PoochKickin Back

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