Destination Unknown


For all of you following my twitter updates as of late, you are probably well-aware that I’m on another one of my adventures. This time, the road trip is a bit different.

cleveland-national-forestWith only a general direction (East) and a final destination in mind (Tucson and Patagonia), I have been letting the people I meet along the way plan the next destination.

In Los Angeles, it was suggested I take the Interstate-8 out to Arizona.

Stopping at a national park for the night, just off of the 8fwy and Sunrise Highway, we pulled off at a turnout and had a beautiful view. The next morning, I met a man who was flying a remote ariplane off the side of the cliff.

I asked him if there was anything he’d recommend seeing off of the 8 freeway and he mentioned a 15 minute drive to a cliff in which the vast desert landscape could be seen for what looked like an eternity. I started to imagine pioneering these lands and having no idea what was ahead.

From there, we saw signs for a lookout tower, where I met an interesting coon-skin hat-wearing man and his pet lab-rat. He gave us our next destination. Felicity.


The Official Center of The World in Felicity, CA is the last exit before Arizona, and has an undefined total population count.

The attraction boasts miles of granite walls in which the history of the universe has been etched by artists from around the World. This documentation of significant events, people and wildlife serves to provide the future with a keen sense of our existence as we know it.

Off in the distance, I heard someone murmur “it’s so that aliens know all about us when they come.” or something to that effect. To be honest, it did seem odd that so much of this man’s money was being dedicated to this project…in the middle of nowhere.

Just after the tour, the woman pointed off to Yuma and mentioned the Territorial Prison where many Old West desperadoes were held for unruly gunfire.

So, here I am in Yuma. Met some locals last night at Red’s Birdcage- the most popular bar in town. Today, I rode my bike around the entire city and found that one day in Yuma was more than enough.

Want to help choose my next stop? Leave a comment with the destination and why it’s worth visiting!

Photos courtesy of Wil Fernandez