RV-ing The Trabuco Canyon


The relentless traffic only further encouraged my anticipation. After heading south on the 405 to the 133 to the 241 and then through the narrow Trabuco Canyon, we found the perfect spot for the RV. The O’Neill Regional Park in the Santa Margarita Mountains boasted huge oak trees and grasslands that span more than 3,000 acres.

Our camp spot was partly shaded and looked over the Arroyo Trabuco (better known as Trabuco River). I couldn’t wait to eat. Note to self: Skipping breakfast before a road trip is not the best idea.

After recuperating from the bratwurst-induced food coma, we took the bikes out for a trail ride on the rocky shores of the Trabuco River. We trekked up a steep mountain filled with shoulder-high weeds and dry brush in search of a view of the entire canyon only to find ourselves at the edge of a highway.

Apparently we hadn’t travelled far enough east to avoid urban disturbances.

More tomorrow.