Senior-itis of the 21st Century


Senioritis: a sickness of which is a result of rejecting adaptations to technological advances of the current day. Also referred to as Senioritis of the 21st Century.

My grandfather’s old, true, but when it comes to high-functioning Seniors, he’s a prime example of one that does it all. He runs a newspaper for the Army’s 4th Infantry Division Veterans, owns a Commercial Real Estate company, drives up to his cabin an hour away each weekend and even shovels the cabin driveway of multiple feet of snow each Winter. So when he complains about the technological advances being “beyond [his] comprehension,” I reassure him that he’s more capable than he thinks.

Recently, we’ve convinced him to abandon the use of his archaic iMac desktop computer and to invest in a “portable, lightweight laptop,” to which he replied…”I like my old thing just fine, It works doesn’t it?”

Luckily, he grew rational when his old crapper kicked the bucket. I think my Grandmother getting an iPad made him realize that he should “get with the times.”

Well, my grandfather, knowing my allegiance to ever-improving technologies, forwarded me his email reply (Yeah, see? He knows how to do that) when another “Senior” friend of his sent him an “Invitation to Join Facebook.” I about died.

Take a look: