The Flunky- A Review


The Flunky- A New Musical

I had the opportunity ythe-flunky-picesterday to see the premier of a soon-to-be Broadway musical performed in an 80-person capacity, solar-powered, Venice Beach theater.

Adapted from the 2000 film also titled The Flunky, directed by Vincent Van Patten, The Flunky: A New Musical portrays the life of rockstar named Tyler Mann and his “flunky” ( a diehard fan dedicated to the service of said rockstar) along the path of betrayal and moral tension. Like any good musical, The Flunky: A New Musical left me humming out the door. Those who know me, though might argue I do that anyways.

The musical starred Jimmy Van Patten, Actor and son of long time T.v. star Dick Van Patten, teen icon Deborah Gibson and triple-threat comedian, P.J Griffith. Van Patten, often recognized for his role on The Odd Couple and more recently in Saw IV, shook the stage with talent. Van Patten’s character, Tyler Mann, sings and dances his way through a Hollywood comeback, all the while making and breaking co-dependent relationships with frauds and fans.

Deborah Gibson, playing the role of Sandra, brings to the show immense talent and passion. With over 16 million albums sold and world recognition as the youngest female singer/ songwriter/ producer of a #1 Hit Single on the Billboard Hot 100 List, there is no doubt it will become one of Broadway’s finest comedy musicals. Gibson was the show’s lyricist.

P.J Griffith, as the role of Flunky, Jackie, so convincingly played the role of a diehard fan that you might not have expected him to have his own fan club. Griffith has appeared in roles on shows like House MD, Without A Trace and worked on popular TV series such as: Mad TV, Penomenon, Comedy Central Presents…, and Days of Our Lives.

The Flunky: A New Musical bares all in their “truth-be-told” portrayal of Hollywood phonies. With songs like “Hey Man,” “Too Rich, Too Thin” and “Rock Star’s Life,” The Flunky employs the ideas and criticisms of things we’ve all seen in grocery store tabloids.

Reviewer Rating: 5 Stars!

Until Broadway… Ciao!