Top Tips For Twitter


It’s about time I published another blog post, between clients and summer travels, I’ve slacked off completely on blog posts. When thinking about a topic to share, I decided that while some of my readers are well-versed in the area of Twitter and Social Media, many aren’t, but want to know some of the Do’s and Don’ts of the social network. Here are my top tips for twitter:

1. ¬†Your niche. Whatever it is that you’re interested in, or whatever you’re looking to promote on Twitter, become part of that niche. Find Hashtags surrounding that niche and follow others talking about similar things. Engage with others interested in the same things you are.

Ex: Mine are Social Media Marketing, Travel, Wine/ Food.
Social Media: I Tweet, RT, and reply to tweets on this subject and people will either reply with their 2 cents or RT.
Travel: I don’t travel as widely around the world now as I used to, so I mainly follow other travelers, share photos/experiences, and use it as a means to engage with other travelers.
Food/Wine: I am a big foodie, and most of my followers know that. I often post photos of food on Instagram and will post it to twitter as well.

2. Personality. Show it. It’s ok to be yourself, let your guard down, and engage with people on twitter. In fact, it’s encouraged, however, you’ve got to have some kind of filter. We don’t want to hear about your every move throughout the day. Be informative.

3. Automating! People, the WORST thing you can do for your social presence, other than ignore it completely, is to automate direct messages and automatically post your Facebook posts on twitter. Because Twitter only allows for 140 characters, posts from Facebook are truncated on Twitter, making it look unprofessional and lazy.

I wish I could remember who said it, but I read someone say once “I feel like I’ve just lost the lottery when I follow someone and get an auto DM right afterwards.” Some of us use our DM to communicate and touch base with followers, so getting auto-DMs about a new book release is just spam that we have to take the time to delete. If you’re going to promote something, doing it in real time is far more effective and makes you look less like a bot.

4. Consistency: This is key. Posting 9 tweets back-to-back within 10 minutes and then going on hiatus for 2 weeks isn’t as respected within the “twitterverse” as being consistently vocal is. That said, it’s difficult to manage your own social accounts (that’s why celebs hire someone like me! Ain’t no one got time fo ‘dat!)

5. Know yourself. Your twitter bio says a lot to people in a short time. Mashable recently posted an article on how your bio can affect being “followed” by other users, and while it’s not fool-proof, it’s great advice. The gist of it is to know that people make a decision to follow you within a few short seconds. Put your best foot forward.

Bonus: Here’s a glossary for all of Twitter’s jargon. It’s not one of my top tips for Twitter, but it’s extremely helpful!

Next blogpost, I’ll be sharing some of the links and resources I send to friends and family when they ask for help with learning about Social Media!