USPS, Yet Again. Am I Paying Taxes For This?


Well, I ordered contacts because I was running low, and well… I need to see. My glasses are scratched and I’m getting sick of them anyways. So, I ordered some Acuvue Oasys for Astimagtism contacts, which, if I had to review them would get 5 stars! I look at my account and see that my contacts were delivered! Exciting! Except…dun dun DUN!

Sure enough, the USPS was the carrier. I’ve been checking my door every day because they were late in arriving, and when I checked today, June 16th, the DELIVERY CONFIRMATION number was available and it stated that my contacts had been delivered yesterday…except dun dun DUN! They had not.

So, like any disgruntled “customer” of USPS, I looked on their website for a phone number to call. I had to call my local branch, who didn’t even understand that when I gave him a “DELIVERY CONFIRMATION” number, it meant my packaged was supposed to have been “delivered.”

I told him I had not received my package, that the USPS website said it was delivered, and he replied with “Are you sure it was delivered?” Oh goodness. “No, that’s the problem, it WASN’T delivered. It SAYS it was delivered (I was speaking slowly this time) but I did not receive my package.” The gentleman sounded almost exactly like Cleveland Brown from Family Guy, that it was hard to take him seriously.

In any case, once the guy figured out that what I wanted was my package, He told me that I should call back tomorrow at 8 AM… as if I have nothing better to do than track down my own mail. So frustrating. My package was coming from less than 2 hours away!

I wish there was a way you could choose not to have USPS deliver a package when ordering online.  United States Postal Service is so unreliable!

Thanks United States Postal Service, yet again.